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Places you need to go in Selangor
天空之镜 Sky Mirror
天空之镜 Sky Mirror

 海中央的浅滩能清楚反射天空倒影,拍摄令人惊叹海天一线的绝佳风景照片.

 每逢农历初一和十五前后4至5天,海水大退潮时出现

 最佳观赏时段:早上7点至下午2点

 每趟行程约3小时

 Shallow waters of the sand island creates a flawless reflection of the sky

 A rare natural phenomenon which appears twice a month, only accessible during low tide

 Best time to visit: between 7AM to 2PM

 Each trip duration is around 3 hours

喂食老鹰 Eagle Watching
喂食老鹰 Eagle Watching

 出海观赏老鹰飞翔的英姿,路途中若有幸还能遇上海鸥 与白鹭鸶

 雪兰莪河畔的红树林是老鹰的主要栖息地

 常见品种有:全红的海鹰、白腹海鹰以及小鱼鹰

 最佳观赏时段:下午3点至傍晚7点

 每趟行程约半小时

 Eagle watching cruise, with chance sighting of egrets and seagulls

 The mangrove forest along Selangor River is the natural habitat of eagles

 Common breeds: Brahminy Kite, White-bellied Fish Eagle, and Crested Serpent Eagle

 Best time to visit: 3PM to 7PM

 Each trip duration is around 30 minutes

萤火虫 Fireflies
萤火虫 Fireflies

 观赏数以万计的萤火虫,在雪兰莪河畔的红树林间闪烁

 甘榜关丹是全世界少数的萤火虫保护地之一

 最佳观赏时段:晚上7点半至11点半

 每趟行程约40分钟

 Watch massive swarms of fireflies blink among the mangrove forest

 Kampung Kuantan is among of the few fireflies sanctuary in the world

 Best time to visit: 7.30PM to 11.30PM

 Each trip duration is around 40 minutes

蓝眼泪 Blue Tears
蓝眼泪 Blue Tears

 观赏生活在咸水中的微生物在河水中发出蓝色磷光的自然 景观

 发生在河海交界处,与一般浮现在海洋中的蓝眼泪不同

 最佳观赏时段:晚上8点至10点

 每趟行程约45分钟

       Witness the river illuminated by blue phosphorescent light at night, a natural phenomenon caused by algae.

 Occurs at river delta instead of the coastal area which is more common

 Best time to visit: 8PM to 10PM

 Each trip duration is around 45 minutes

休闲棕榈园越野车 Leisure Palm Park ATV
休闲棕榈园越野车 Leisure Palm Park ATV

 在棕榈园里纵横驰骋,亲手操纵方向盘探索美丽风景

 免费专人指导,无论老少都能轻松驾驭越野车

 提供专人摄影服务,免费提供照片图档

 开放时间:每天早上10点至下午5点半

 每趟行程约1小时

      Whiz around the palm plantation while enjoying the beautiful scenery

 Free professional instructor guidance, easily learn to maneuver

 Offer photography services, free soft copy of photographs

 Opening Hours: Daily 10AM to 5.30PM

 Each trip duration is around 1 hour

皇家山 Bukit Melawati
皇家山 Bukit Melawati

 瓜拉雪兰莪市镇的最高点,马六甲海峡及周遭地区的美景一 览无遗

 18世纪堡垒古迹:由荷兰人兴建的灯塔、炮台、历代苏丹陵 墓

 聚集较为温驯的银叶猴和比较野性的长尾猕猴

 开放时间:星期二至星期日,早上9点半至下午5点半

       The highest vantage point in Kuala Selangor with panoramic views

 Fort relics since 1782: Altingsburg Lighthouse, cannons, royal mausoleum

 Home to gentle Silver Leaf monkeys and mischievous Long-tailed Macaques

 Opening hours: Tuesdays to Sundays, 9.30AM to 5.30PM

瓜拉雪兰莪自然公园 Kuala Selangor Nature Park
瓜拉雪兰莪自然公园 Kuala Selangor Nature Park

 在红树林步道上近距离观赏天然栖息地里的动植物

 备有观赏鸟群的隐处、行人走道及瞭望台

 涵盖296公顷的湿地矮树林,包括受潮水侵袭的泥 泞地及红树林沼泽地

 由马来西亚自然协会全权经营

 开放时间:早上9点至傍晚6点

 Stroll along the Mangrove walkway to observe the flora and fauna in their natural habitat

 Explore various park trails with elevated bird hides, boardwalk and viewing shelters

 Spanning 296 hectares of mangroves, secondary forest and coastal mudflats

 Managed by the Malaysian Nature Society

 Opening hours: 9AM to 6PM

印度古庙 Sri Shakti Temple
印度古庙 Sri Shakti Temple

 主要拜祭印度女神

 始建于19世纪末 / 20世纪初

 世界上第一座集合了来自六国51间萨帝圣寺的神圣祝福的庙宇 (印度,西藏,孟加拉,尼泊尔,斯里兰卡与巴基斯坦)

 开放时间:早上5点半至中午12点,下午4点半至晚上9点

 Mainly worship the Hindu goddess Shakti Mari Amman

 Built in the end of 19th century / beginning of 20th century

 the first Temple in the world, which obtained blessings from all 51 Shakti Peedhams located across 6 countries (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, China and Sri Lanka)

 Opening hours: 5.30AM to 12PM, 4.30PM to 9PM

七剑仙师佛祖古庙 Kuala Selangor Qi Jian Xian Shi Temple
七剑仙师佛祖古庙 Kuala Selangor Qi Jian Xian Shi Temple

 主要拜祭七剑仙师佛祖

 拥有逾四十年历史

 庙上仙山名为九华山,属于古庙原貌,意味“过山保平安”

 庆典:济公活佛千秋宝诞(六月初一),七剑仙师千秋宝诞(九月初九)

 开放时间:早上8点至下午2点,下午4点至傍晚7点

 Mainly worship the Master of Seven Swords Buddha

 Temple history spans almost four decades.

 The JiuHua divine hill structure on top of the temple is part of its original architecture, symbolizing security

 Festival:Ji Gong Buddha’s birthday (1st day of 6th lunar month),Master of Seven Swords Buddha’ s birthday (9th day of 9th lunar month)

 Opening hours: 8AM to 2PM, 4PM to 7PM

天福宫 Tian Fu Gong Temple
天福宫 Tian Fu Gong Temple

 主要拜祭张公圣君(大副公)

 成立于1888年,超过130年历史

 庆典:妈祖诞辰(农历三月廿三)、张公圣君诞辰(农历七 月廿三)

 开放时间:早上8点至晚上8点

 Mainly worship Zhang Gong Sheng Jun (Tua Hock Gong)

 Established since 1888, over 130 years of history

 Festival: Mazu’s birthday (23rd day of 3rd lunar month), Zhang Gong Sheng Jun’s birthday (23rd day of 7th lunar month)

 Opening hours: 8AM to 8PM